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08/11/2019, 21:05:46

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Epstein death: 'The word around the street is the Clintons did it' - WND

Joe Kovacs
6-8 minutes

This weekend’s mysterious death of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein at a federal prison in New York has ignited an online war of conspiracy theories, as President Trump retweeted messages suggesting former President Bill Clinton may somehow be involved, and Trump’s own son blasted Twitter for suppressing the the trend of the “ClintonBodyCount,” while prominently displaying “TrumpsBodyCount” as the top trending topic for discussion.

Epstein, who was facing numerous charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls, was found hanging dead in his jail cell about 6:30 a.m. Saturday, with the U.S. Justice Department saying it was the result of an “apparent suicide.”

On Saturday afternoon, President Trump retweeted messages insinuating the Clintons may have had some sort of connection to Epstein’s sudden death.

One read: “BREAKING: Documents were unsealed yesterday revealing that top Democrats, including Bill Clinton, took private trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophilia island.'”

The president also retweeted a message from actor and comedian Terrence Williams, who said: “Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen#JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead. I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised#EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily.”

Williams posted video comments he recorded of himself, in which he states:

I’m not surprised. I told y’all last month this was gonna happen. …

All the liberals were calling me a conspiracy theorist, saying “Terrence, you come out with crazy conspiracies, and you need to be banned from Twitter.” And then guess what. The man really end up dead. And you know what? He had information on the Clintons, and the man ended up dead. Now for some odd reason … people that have information on the Clintons end up dead, and they usually die from suicide. Come on, now!

I’m not trying to end up dead. I don’t even want to know if Hillary was digging in her nose. I don’t wanna know if Bill Clinton eat boogers. Don’t tell me nothin’! I don’t wanna end up dead! … I’m not gonna end up dead like everybody else.

I’m not gonna say who killed that man (Epstein) … but the word around the street is the Clintons did it. I don’t know, though. Hey, I’m juts another black man on Twitter. I don’t know nothing. …

You die of suicide in prison? Yeah, OK. Somebody not doing their job, or somebody got paid not do their job. So somebody can get knocked off so information don’t come out. But I don’t know nothing. I’m just another black man on Twitter.

On Sunday morning, Donald Trump Jr. jumped into the fray to bash Twitter, noting: “Twitter allowing ‘Trump Body Count’ to trend while ‘Clinton Body Count’ has WAY more tweets (but isn’t trending) is peak Twitter,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Sunday morning.

The Washington Post had reported, “A #ClintonBodyCount hashtag that trended anew on Twitter last month after Epstein was found injured and placed on suicide watch was revived Saturday, showing up in more than 90,000 tweets by the afternoon – often in conjunction with hashtags about Epstein’s death.”

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Trump Jr.’s message was apparently prompted because the TrumpBodyCount hashtag had only about a tenth of the traffic of the ClintonBodyCount, and yet displayed as the top render on many users’ newsfeeds.

Jeffrey Epstein mugshot

In August 2016, WND published a news story with the headline, “‘Clinton death list’: 33 spine-tingling cases,” which documented the uncanny number of Bill and Hillary’s “friends” who mysteriously fell off buildings, crashed in planes and died in freak accidents.

Author and conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza noted of Epstein’s death: “And now the flight logs are all we have. How fortunate for these Democrats that their longtime donor and pimp Jeffrey Epstein is no longer around to rat them out.”

Even Democrats are questioning if Epstein’s death was actually a suicide.

“I was not surprised for one minute,” U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., told NPR. “There are a lot of very powerful people who wanted to see this man dead. So was it really just a suicide? Was it just negligence by the officials who had custody of him? I don’t know, but I definitely think it needs to be investigated.”

Carol Leonning, a reporter for the Washington Post and a contributor on MSNBC, noted: “People close to Epstein fear he was murdered…as Epstein told authorities someone tried to kill him in a previous incident weeks earlier. He was described as being in good spirits in recent days.”

In late July, Epstein was found “sprawled on the floor” and “blue in the face” in his jail cell.

Officials were investigating if that incident were a suicide attempt or if the 66-year-old was victim of an assault.

Spencer Kuvin, the attorney for three of Epstein’s sex-trafficking accusers, told the Sun Online the July incident may have been an organized “hit,” and not a suicide try.

“I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk,” Kuvin said. “If he goes on trial, everyone he’s been in contact with will ultimately be fair game. There’s no doubt in my mind that no jail will protect you when there’s powerful people that want to reach you — wherever you are.

“If he’s going to implicate anyone in power that has the ability to reach in and somehow get to him — his life is definitely in jeopardy. I do question whether it was a true suicide attempt. I mean how do you choke yourself? It doesn’t make any sense. There are reports someone came after him but that could just be because he’s a pedophile. Those types of individuals don’t last long in prison.

“If Epstein is in general population or anywhere available to the general population I believe his life is in jeopardy. They will have to seal him down in the jail. But even there there are still people who can get to him, ultimately.”

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