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Laura Loomer is reporting he died in bed and was not hanged. The officials are giving no information to anyone. They are supposed to check every 30 minutes and supposedly there are cameras. It was an assisted suicide, or as my friend says
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08/10/2019, 17:22:43

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blunt force suicide.

Actually, this is much larger than a simple sex ring of perverts. It appears to be involving a foreign intelligence. Russia is one and possibly Mossad. Maxwell's dad was accused of being both working for the Russians and Mossad. His daughter, Ghislaine could well be a foreign agent.

When you notice, most all of the people involved are high-profile, political people in very important positions, who could easily be blackmailed. The latest is Richardson, who worked for the UN and Prince Andrew. áI don't think this is going anywhere. Too many very important people involved both here and abroad.

One thing from the released info is that TRUMP WAS NOT INVOLVED. Clinton had a huge party there and visited the island at least 26 times. Been going on for many, many years.

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