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That's the wonderful thing about hanging as a cause of death...easier to fake suicide..
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/10/2019, 13:13:21

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Although there will be an autopsy, it may be difficult-to-impossible to determine forensically whether or not he was strangled with a rope before he was hanged.

From what I have read, if a person is strangled (murdered) with a rope, it is virtually impossible to tell if they were hanged AFTER they were already unconscious. Supposedly the damage to tissue from strangulation by another person and suicide by hanging are virtually identical as long as the person's body is hung immediately after the deceased is rendered unconscious.

IOW, it's possible to choke someone out but leave them alive but unconscious, then hang them to finish the job.

That makes prison a perfect place to cover up a murder by faking a suicide-by-hanging.

Of course, modern prisons have cameras on most of the cells all of the time. But whaddaya wanna bet they will have no video of the alleged suicide.

Every single one of the staff with access needs to be polygraphed to make sure this was not an assassination to protect the powerful people who would have been brought down by a long revealing trial.

Of course it's also possible that whoever wanted him dead found some way to motivate him to suicide. Maybe there was someone he cared about they could threaten - the way Michael Corleone did in Godfather Part 2 when he allowed a former boss set to testify about him, to kill himself in prison so his family would be left alone.

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