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For anti-conservative fanatics, (Marxists) rules/laws are just advice, to be followed or not on their whim.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/09/2019, 08:12:54

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The appalling truth about the U.S. is that roughly one half of the electorate are either unable or unwilling to understand the importance of the Rule of Law (especially Constitutional law), in preserving the freedoms and justice they claim to cherish in U.S. society. 

Ask most anti-conservative fanatics the difference between a republic and a democracy and you will get cricket sounds. Virtually none of them know and even fewer care. 

We live in the Age of Insanity, where people who are deeply ignorant of how we are governed are not ashamed of that ignorance, but many are actually PROUD of it. 

The summary of their attitude about Constitutional law is, "oh, we're superior people, so much smarter than average, so we don't NEED a Constitution or the Rule of Law to run our country. We just set up an elite Ruling Class of superior people like us, and give it UNLIMITED POWER to CONTROL everything and everybody in every possible way, WITHOUT ANY LIMITS IMPOSED BY LAW OR ESPECIALLY AN INFLEXIBLE CONSTITUTION. 

The result of abandoning the Constitution will in the insane minds of anti-conservative fanatics, be a perfect Utopian paradise (you know, like Venezuela or North Korea).

Since they have largely arrived at this stupidity by irrational means (relying on their strong feelings and intuitions, not reason, facts or logic) it is not possible to use rational means to talk them out of it. 

The tipping point is nigh - around half of the electorate is functionally illiterate on the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Their ignorance is compounded by their INDIFFERENCE to both reality and to the concept of the need for the Rule of Law over the rule of men. 

So since cacogens believe so many things which are untrue, for them to be even as smart as someone who is completely, utterly ignorant, they must first UNLEARN all of the vicious, stupid lunacy they believe.  

Cacogens are in the ascendancy, growing larger in numbers and in many ways power, every day. 

This presents a dilemma for those of us who value free representative governance. 

The more time passes, the more it becomes clear that Robert Heinlein was correct - ultimately the only stable form of government is a benevolent dictatorship - like a family run by wise, strong, moral parents. 

Our society has become like a family which has decided to let the immature, unstable children/teenagers make the important family decisions, not the educated, moral parents. 

I can't see how continuing to allow cacogens to have the entitlement of running the lives of others when they can't even run their own lives, is sustainable. 

At some point, the cacogenic element will have to be suppressed and those who promulgate it, neutralized or  we will have Hell on Earth. 

Largely and increasingly anti-conservative fanatics are horribly lethally dangerous, both to themselves and everyone else. 

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