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They lose elections.
Re: What happens when Americans can no longer be stampeded by Leftist hate accusations -- Chubbyloveable Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/07/2019, 18:47:41

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The only difference between this election cycle for 2020 and the McGovern election is that there are not just a couple of candidates who are on a permanent anti-conservative fanatic (Marxist) IV-drip, there's roughly TWO DOZEN running for president.

McGovern , Carter, Mondale all went hard left in their campaigns just like the current DNC, along with anti-American elitist vituperation as their primary weapons and they were soundly defeated by a nation more aware of what was actually going on than what the 'Crats CLAIMED was going on.

Decade after decade leftists and other ACFs push a lot of horrible policies and accusations, driven by their own morbid/kooky fantasies, not by real conditions or problems.

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