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anyone who makes such statements about AGW is either a hopeless liar or a hopeless ignoramus.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/06/2019, 22:18:49

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The entire AGW scam is sustained by little more than an updated version of the old Stalinist  principle, " Any lie repeated often and emphatically enough takes on the appearance of truth". 

Virtually none of the people who claim to "believe in" AGW are even close to being literate on the basic scientific issues. 

Virtually all of those who ARE literate on physical geographical science are mendacious assholes with technical degrees - who hold those degree up like shields against accusations of mendacity. 

"Oh, I'm a whatever hard-science professional, my opinion on scientific things is NOT TO BE QUESTIONED."

Simply change around some of the terms and that is exactly the same sentence spoken by the corrupt priests of ancient times, who made the same declaration. 

The most things change, the more they stay the same. The consensus condemned Galileo, and countless others over the long centuries - who defied political correctness or false piety to speak the truth. 

When it comes to AGW ecoparanoids, REUAGE!!!

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