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Anti-conservative fanatics are horrified when 20 people are murdered in one day, but 9000 murders in six months in leftist Hell-holes doesn't bother them at all.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/06/2019, 00:02:17

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The mind-set of the subject of the above article is a perfect example of someone who adjusts his morality to fit his circumstances.

He has an odd, psychotic understanding of his own propensity for being unable to control himself. That is a contradiction if there ever was one.

Having ambivalent attitudes is one of the hallmarks of severe emotional illness. When political parties try to convince the public that mass insanity is, "..perfectly normal, there's nothing wrong with it!" you have a major problem.

The self-described "compassion" of so many leftists sickens me. When everything is done for political reasons, nothing is done for the right reasons. Moral midgets must not be allowed to have power.

The biggest hallmark of leftists is that they are good at only one thing - obtaining power. Once power is obtained by leftists, they have not the slightest idea (or concern) with good governance.

In many cases, they are dead set on exactly the opposite.

That is from Natural Law, I believe - known to all smart, successful people.

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