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heh I WISH!! Great video Fr. P'ok Chop!! There is no real dividing line between psychology and political science.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/04/2019, 20:50:01

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Disturbed (and disturbing) people who are collectively focused on their own infantile rage, will do infantile things.

Frequently leftists are so dangerous because they are highly distracted by their exaggerated, psychotic rage. They get into a lot of accidents that harm themselves and others. Sometimes they end up killing people.

I personally observed three serious TA's (traffic accidents) this week through my associate who is a highway patrol commander in his spare time, and also with my own eyes - all of the drivers of the vehicles which caused the accidents had leftist, anti-conservative fanatic bumperstickers. Two of them went to jail for DUI, the third to the hospital where she got her blood drawn by court order and subsequently jailed for felony DUI.

How often in life the outrage of leftists for the hypothetical or imaginary destructiveness of their political opponents, is over-matched by the actual injuries, loss and death leftists directly cause in the Real World.

Typically infantile rage is found in the fringe elements of most political movements - except with leftist's it's fairly mainstream.

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