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Something so interesting. Conspiracy theory, NOT! I was allowed back on Twitter but when I posted this, I'm banned for another 12
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Posted by: Dee W.

08/04/2019, 16:02:15

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Someone tweeted on my timeline an ad from HUMAN DOMAIN SOLUTIONS, LLC. that was posted on July 28, 2019.

The ad was looking for role players for August 5-8 in Dayton Ohio, for training exercises and emergencies.

I didn't trust what he posted, so I looked up HUMAN DOMAIN SOLUTIONS, LLC. and there it was! They advertise THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY! They place these ads for various communities when they are looking for role players.

I posted the information and asked what this was all about. I also asked for the name of the Dayton shooter. Twitter locked me out AGAIN stating I had violated their rules. I always ask what I did to violate their rules and they can never tell me. I don't swear or name call--I did chastise the Democrats for attacking white men and for playing the race card, but it's very apparent that's what they are doing. Look for yourselves, this HUMAN DOMAIN SOLUTIONS, LLC is quite a strange operation.

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