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"Rumors of my death etc., etc." -- Some famous person . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

08/02/2019, 13:04:17

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. . . who is, of course, dead by now.

I have been intentionally avoiding most political interchange, including this forum. My gag reflex finally prevailed. I have been busy with my outside summer work, and had a family issue that distracted me for a time.

For years, Rush has counseled people to avoid TV news in order to maintain their sanity. I was already avoiding TV news, and actually avoid all forms of TV except football. Now, I'm avoiding most news sites, except the weather. I need the rain forecast to know if I can spray.

The conventional news sites, even Fox, are just SOS (Same Olde Shit) every day. Only True Pundit manages to introduce a variable now and then.

I've been saving a link for Dee which I will now post since Epstein seems to be back in the headlines.

Anyhow, I'll try.

Take care,


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