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Those are all Republican talking points - so the 'Crat's use it as an excuse not to answer the tough questions
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/01/2019, 04:47:33

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The 'Crats are demanding that everyone be nice to them or they refuse to speak to them.

Exactly like eight-year olds.

Interesting how the emotional maturity level of the average 'Crat debate gets lower and lower every four years.

By the next election, somber-faced 'Crat candidates will be wearing nothing but red diapers on stage, taking breaks for crying jags or to suck pacifiers and ultimately trying to ram ice-picks into each other's skulls in the greenroom*.

* Note on this reference - Former Communist Party official Leon Trotsky was expelled by Stalin, who later had him assassinated in Mexico by driving an ice-pick into the base of his brain.

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