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I don't understand why none of the Democrats have complained
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Posted by: Bartb

07/31/2019, 23:12:57

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Many of the candidates seem to be religious, with big hearts. I expect the next discussion of the border to quote Jesus:
"Let the little children come to me."
Why do they cry about pulling a child from a mother's arms, when they know that some "parents" are actually slave traders who are bringing those babies to a life of sex slavery.

The Dhimms cry about taking a child from its mothers arms,



about ripping a child,

Piece By Piece

from its mothers body.

Pull out an arm
pull out a leg
rip out the child's beating heart!

Not a word have I heard in complaint about this common practice.

Please don't hurt me too much for bringing this up.
I'm hurting enough just thinking about it.

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