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Now, the rest of the story on Disney actor Cameron Boyce - he died of an epileptic seizure but...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/31/2019, 07:32:13

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...he was known to be a drug/alcohol abuser, both of which are documented to TRIGGER SEIZURES.

Of course the family and Disney conveniently avoided any mention of this in their public statements, but that does not remove the fact that it was common knowledge among those who knew him personally.

Boyce from my brief Net research, was well-known to be a "partier" (translation from Libberish: 1) casual-to-chronic recreational drug / alcohol abuser.

Just the smirk on his face in most of his photos is enough to tell you his attitude about life.

Another signpost along the Road to warn parents NOT to allow their offspring, no matter how talented or smart, to get into acting or other "creative" careers which will bring them to Sodom and Gomorrah (Hollywood).

Even though he was too young to drink alcohol legally, as most underage people whose parents let them do whatever they want after they turn 17, Boyce was likely self-medicating to some degree in addition to succumbing to the enormous peer pressure present in the leftist-dominated H-Wood scene, to "party".

Had he avoided illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, he would likely still be alive today. See, alcohol/drug abuse raises the risk of a fatal seizure in epileptics with a recent history of them (like Boyce) by 700%.

That is the rest of the story you will not hear from the anti-Conservative fanatics who run mass media (including ACF-dominated social media).

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