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May one ask how you discovered this, BB? (Please forgive Pork-chop's lack of paranoia)
Re: Monitored? Because you can find it on a search engine? 'A bit over-the-top, Bro. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

07/30/2019, 11:56:01

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The nature of the Net is to push the most-accurate "fit" to your inquiry to the top- based either on chronology or text. So in that case it would be unremarkable.

That's good lookin' out though!! Thanks, brother!!

I have a lot of lawyers in my family who badger me constantly about avoiding burying and then stepping on land mines.

"Never post anything that you wouldn't want to say in front of a cop." - Petulant Sister with a Juris Doctorate

I've posted a lot of fairly inflammatory things in flame wars back in my cyber-youth, which might have stirred things up but I've never seen anything on this Forum (not even Captain Scurvy into his cups, a-raging) that would get so much as a yawn from any LEO.

When people are joking, it's often fairly easy to tell. Anyone monitoring this site will merely be contaminated in time by sanity.

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