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Fancy term for the moment when ACFs actually (forgive me) let go of their bowels.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/30/2019, 06:40:05

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The mechanism of release is the same for leftists and their spewings as it is for someone using the toilet.

Their actions are marked by a series of uncontrollable urges overwhelming their intellect/morality.

Not one in ten thousand ACFs could define the term "inflection point" to save their lives. Cacogens, especially ACFs are forever trying to boost their own self-esteem by pulling out three-dollar words".

It's almost exactly like that scene in the God Father where 'Fredo screams at Michael hysterically, "I"M SMAAHHTT!!" So much of ACF behavior is focused (yea, obsessed) with puffing themselves up in the eyes of others, in order to feel powerful and validate their sense of moral superiority over everyone and everyone else.


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