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Cacogens are always talking about "deserving" this or that.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/30/2019, 06:33:16

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In the minds of cacogens, if one "deserves" something, whether good or bad, it should be done.

This is an attitude linked to the renown cacogenic, "I want something greatly, therefore I am entitled to it."

There is an infantile, degenerate mind set at the heart of most anti-conservative fanatics which follows its own preferences and invents justifications for them after the fact.

What has happened in the case of "getting Trump" is that anti-Trumpsters have decided that they don't want DJT to be president (as all egotists, cacogens draw a straight line from what they want to believing that they also are entitled to it).

So to understand leftists, all one really has to do is understand the average slow-learning three-year-old.
You get tantrums, demands, volcanoes of screeching emotion and of course, violence.

There is a savage underlying narcissism in the entire anti-conservative, anti-normality movement.

As the people in Platos cave, ACF worship their own Shadow (in the Jungian sense).

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