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also what small knowledge I have of the Civil War includes the fact that the war itself started in a way that is impossible today.
Re: Not at all, General!! There is a facile similarity but the 'Crats are not that plentiful nor powerful as the Southern Confederacy of the 1850s. -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

07/29/2019, 05:45:50

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There is no unified,organized network of cooperation actively promoting the preparation for armed conflict with the federal government.

The Confederate States had large militias ready and willing to serve as an army when the balloon went up.

The 'Crats have few organizations with people in them prepared to engage in warfare. Rioting and ambushing innocent people like cops, politicians, speakers at colleges, small officials is more their style. Vicious cowardice.

Fighting a hot war is neither convenient nor fun, so leftists (especially young ones) will have ZERO interest in it.

But 1960s-style domestic terrorism is a large and growing concern. Hard drug addicts have some very violent notions of "fun". It is easy to imagine some domestic anti-conservative fanatic group which harbors psychotic ideas-of-reference about the government under a Republican administration, collaborating with some foreign international terrorist network to cause some sort of major terrorist attack.

I have said for years that if anti-conservative fanatics believed even one-fraction of the horrible things their leaders/academics/celebrities say about conservatives and other normal people, the anti-conservative fanatics would rightly take up arms and try to murder as many of us as they can.

If any of them had an ounce of real guts, that's exactly what they'd do if they really believed all of the schizoaffective horse shit they babble about constantly.

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