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Not at all, General!! There is a facile similarity but the 'Crats are not that plentiful nor powerful as the Southern Confederacy of the 1850s.
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07/29/2019, 05:32:52

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Trump is smart enough to understand, as the Japanese do, that a long-term plan for companies and countries is best. He will try to translate that optimism (born of his own success) to the disheartened.

I am more worried about the regression of the Democrat party to the "us vs. them" dualistic mentality of the 1960s. The Sith like obsession with absolutes and violent fantastic (in the sense of being idiotic) flights of lunacy.†

The Japs made some catastrophic blunders in the 1980s with over-investing in things like speculative real estate, and made some other very bad internal economic policy decisions that cost them, dearly.†

Trump also sees how the Japanese government makes no apology for openly assisting in rewarding private sector changes they like while suppressing those they don't.

Japan's government has interceded in their own business infrastructure from time to time, such as by propping up sectors they deem critical for long-term success with funding and other direct action (steel for example).†

Trump gets the idea of using the private sector to solve problems the government can't.†

So he'll plan out a program (when the time is right) which includes a long-term version which builds on current success, positions the nation for greater success in the future.

Free market capitalism is the most powerful engine for positive change in the world. Nobody really understands that better than a successful billionaire who has been dealing with the Real World for more than half a century.†

My own vision for progress is driven by R. Buckminster Fuller's. He understands about the wonderful power of free enterprise when unshackled by government.†

Fuller was a conservative visionary who believed that the future was an exciting place to visit. In his mind there was no doubt about where the world and the U.S. should go - Fuller wanted to realize all of the goals of the Communist Manifesto by using exactly the opposite means to get there that Marx et al wanted to use.†

The dirty little secret of socialism is that all of their expressed goals have a history of and prospectus of being solved THROUGH FREE MARKET CAPITALISM ASSISTED BY LIMITED GOVERNMENT.†

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