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Trump Can’t Lose in 2020, But What Will Happen Immediately Afterwards is Scary
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

07/28/2019, 20:44:03

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What Happened to the Country After Abraham Lincoln Won the 1860 Election is Looking More and More Like It Might Happen Again in 2020

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Based on every available metric that we have available to date, there is no way that Donald Trump can lose his reelection bid in 2020. The media is running its typical election voodoo to try to convince us all to stay home in 2020: “Any Democrat would win by a LANDSLIDE in a generic matchup with Trump, so you stupid flyover hillbillies shouldn’t even bother to vote next year!”

Just ignore them like you did in 2016 and vote accordingly. Trump has the victory locked in already, which I’ll explain in a second. However, that should scare everyone who has been paying close attention.

When I say that Donald Trump is guaranteed to win – please don’t think I’m telling you to not bother voting for him. We know that the Democrats will cheat next year, as they do in every presidential election, so you need to get out and vote for him. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, while keeping in mind that I’m always right.

Why is Trump guaranteed to win? Mainly because the Democrat Party is now terrifying its own base.

Almost every candidate running for the Democrat nomination in 2020 has expressed unabashed support for abolishing ICE and ending America’s border enforcement. After throwing the borders open, they want the American workers who still have jobs to toil away and pay for “free” healthcare for everyone from the Third World who waltzes in. They want to decriminalize illegal entry and then force every American to pay full benefits to invaders.

As historian Victor Davis Hanson noted this week, there is no policy position further to the left of that. There’s nothing else out there. That’s the end of the map.

A majority of Democrat voters is opposed to most of the policy positions that the current candidates are pushing. That has Democrat Party leaders very worried – and rightly so.

A record high 43% of black male voters support Donald Trump for reelection in internal polls, and 29% of black female voters. He posts similar numbers among Hispanic voters. This fact alone guarantees that no Democrat running can defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

But the numbers get worse from there. According to the latest Marist/NPR poll, free healthcare for illegal aliens is categorically rejected by 93% of Republicans, 67% of independents, and a plurality of 47% of moderate Democrats. A majority of whites, non-whites, millennials and Generation Z voters oppose being forced to toil in the salt mines to pay for health care for illegal aliens. Far-left progressive Democrats are the only demographic that favors this plan.

How about abolishing ICE and decriminalizing border crossings? A plurality of Democrats – 47% to 43% — OPPOSES this idea. Every other demographic slaughters the idea. We have to have border enforcement and we have to have a border. Only “progressive Democrats” – that tiny sliver of the Democrat Party that the liberal media loves so much – supports this lunatic idea.

No matter which one of the circus freaks wins the Democrat nomination next summer, Trump will destroy them. But what happens next?

Trump won the 2016 election nearly three years ago now, and Democrats still have not accepted the election result. They actually believe he colluded with Russia. They’ll find the proof ANY DAY NOW!

Meanwhile, lunatics inspired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “concentration camp” rhetoric are launching domestic terrorism attacks against ICE facilities, and little old ladies in MAGA hats are being punched in the streets.

Democrats will not accept the election results in 2020 if Trump wins reelection. And you know what else?

I never thought I would say this as an adult, but… I will not accept the 2020 election results if Trump loses.

The only path to victory for the Democrats is to cheat and steal the election out from under Americans through vote fraud, perpetrated by illegal alien voters and ineligible non-citizen voters. There’s no other way any of their candidates can win the presidency.

So, no matter who wins in 2020, the other half of the country is going to view the result as invalid. Has this ever happened in America before? Actually, it has… one time.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the election with 180 electoral votes. The other three candidates running against him split the remaining 123 electoral college votes.

But Lincoln only won 39% of the “popular vote.” His victory was declared illegitimate and the states run by Democrats seceded from the union. Just a few weeks after Lincoln took the oath of office, America was at war with itself and the result was 600,000 dead Americans.

That’s something we all need to be thinking about and preparing for as we move further into the 2020 election season.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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