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I'm not sure but I think a famous talk show host
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Posted by: Dee W.

07/27/2019, 14:36:55

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had me tossed off Twitter.

I'm on twitter under my other name. After the hearing, the host attacked Limbaugh for making negative comments about war hero, Robert Mueller.

I merely tweeted that he should get over his jealously and understand Mueller is no hero these days and that he has caused a great deal of pain to Richard Jewell, scientist, Dr. Hatfil (over anthrax) and our president.

He then tweeted to me: "HE'S A WAR HERO, YOU TWIT!"

I swear to you, I wasn't angry, I laughed that big shot noticed my tweet. I again replied, "SO WAS Benedict Arnold" prior to discovering he was a spy.

Within two hours I was off Twitter. Can you guess who that "conservative" talk show host was?

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