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heh NOW we all know (thanks to the hearing) that the entirety of the report was written by Weissman, the fanatical anti-Trump despot.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/26/2019, 20:35:05

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After all is said and done, this may finally be what puts Weissman in prison, where he obviously belongs. 

The more of this that comes out, the more I think of the books of Thomas Harris.

"You fell in love with the Bureau but you discovered that it didn't love you back. They hate you because they aren't like you. You believe in the oath you took. They don't. You believe that the sheep should be protected. They don't. They are weak and unruly and they believe in nothing. " Hannibal Lecter to Agent Starling after she got railroaded by corrupt FBI assistant director Krendler.

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