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That is, if there are any cool heads LEFT...only if having your hair on fire keeps your head cooler.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/26/2019, 20:21:46

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The far left has gone absolutely insane. 

Thank God.

Way back in 2016 just after the election, I was concerned that the 'Crats might figure out how to conceal their infamy. 

I had no idea they were not going to try to hide their warts, but instead intended to dress them up and put them on parade.

I need not have worried. Mother of God, what a bunch of f***ing morons!!! It's like they're reading from an instruction manual, "How to Wreck a Political Party" .

They are actually going to make impeachment the center of their presidential election campaign. I can't believe it. They are going to do to themselves EXACTLY what the Republicans did to themselves in regard to Slick Willie's impeachment. 

The GOP listened to and acted on the LEGAL issues but ignored the political ones, resulting in disaster for the Republicans. 

"When leftists run on what they really believe, think, feel  and plan for the United States if they get power, they can't win national elections." - El Rushbo

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