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Psychologically speaking, leftists and other anti-conservative fanatics justify the destruction of good things/people by many means...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/26/2019, 06:02:13

Author Profile Mail author Edit of them is to rationalize that anything is better than what now exists - and furthermore anyone who gets in the way of "reforms" (destruction) is deserving of annihilation/murder. That's a time-honored, Satanic axiom of Marxists and their nihilistic intellectual enablers, the belief that chaos/mass criminality are better than the Rule of Law/order simply because society is not PERFECT. 

This distills into the reality that the demand for the perfect is the enemy of the good - and has been SOP for and the pursuit of anti-conservative fanatics as long as they have existed. 

There is an infantile element to the belief that destruction based on perceived imperfection is good - the indulgence in infantile rage - another facet of emotional/mental illness, is a GOOD THING.

When an immature person (like an infant or small child) is denied something that they greatly want, it's normal for them to occasionally experience infantile rage. 

Any normal adult who has cared for infants/toddlers will instantly recognize tantrums. 

Though these years are beyond memory, researchers believe that infantile rage is a feeling in the principle that they want to destroy both mommy and daddy, everything they know. It extends to the entire universe. 

As time goes by, parents learn to divert the infant's attention to other things neutralizing the rage. In slightly more-mature children, infantile rage is dealt with by reinforcing the reality that they can get more of what they want from parents by controlling their infantile rage (first by refraining from destructive violence, later by ending verbal tantrums too) and being patient, calm. 

Adults also sometimes experience infantile rage - most commonly or chronically, adults who never became very mature emotionally.

 People with emotional problems or who are in poverty/great need, often experience terrible, frustrated rage. Though born most often from raw frustration at having great real or perceived needs which are't met, the principle is often encouraged by anti-conservatives to direct their rage AT OTHERS (their political adversaries).

So one of the things that anti-conservative fanatics (ACFs) offer to those with very high levels of frustration/rage, is an entitlement to vituperate and to act-out psychotic rage toward others. Leftists now commonly, consciously do this even though the targets are not responsible for doing anything to purposefully harm anyone.

There is a sick satisfaction felt by someone in the grip of psychotic rage when they "show their anger" and harm innocent people. 

Since the very definition of "hate" is " the desire to witness or cause harm to someone or something, " the horribly, lethally dangerous component to leftist politics is when they encourage people to satisfy (psychotic) schizoaffective rage by harming others who are at worst, just doing their best to mind their own business.  
This comes out in:

1) Wanton attacks on law enforcement officers or others perceived to be, "conservative," or, "...part of the wicked, oppressive status quo," the subjects believe should be harmed. 

2) Advocating the eradication (destruction) of all order in pursuit of Utopian perfection. For example the Marxists inflamed popular uprising to eradicate the troubled monarchy in the Russian Empire, only to replace it with an even more-oppressive, destructive, tyrannical Communist Empire. 

Another example is Venezuela, which though it had problems under capitalist administration, when compared to what is going on in Venezuela now... I'd be willing to bet most Venezuelans would have rather not gone down the Marxist radical socialist road that started with Hugo Chavez and has apparently ended with Chavez's successor Maduro, the Cecescu of South America, on his way out.

Emotionally immature or wicked people feel good about hating/harming people who do not deserve to be hated or harmed. ACFs especially the political left, has sought to weaponize widely-pervasive emotional instability of unhappy, maladjusted people in order to cause harm / damage to their political opponents. 

For ACFs, who often live severely detached from reality as an element of their day-to-day existence (defending neurotic systems with psychotic ideas-of-reference) stirring up unrest and enabling/encouraging mob-violence or other criminal attacks on their political adversaries is as common as poison in a Gila Monster. 

The left has always preferred to try to achieve moral ends through the most appalling, amoral, horribly-violent, criminal, sadistic, wicked means available. 

To say that psychotic rage, criminality, mob violence, sedition, subversion and all other manner of playing dirty (cacogenic behavior) and anti-conservative fanatics go together is to effectively state a fact of meta-physical reality.

The combination of wickedness, amorality and licentiousness is as ubiquitous to leftism as stars in the night sky, water being wet and slime sinking to the lowest possible level.  

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