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And the moron municipals babble on:
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Posted by: TEEBONE

07/25/2019, 12:02:47

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PA: Philly lawmakers want to ban guns from city playgrounds, rec centers but face long odds
Submitted">Mark A. Taff

In the wake of two shootings at Philadelphia playgrounds, city and state lawmakers are banding together to ban guns, knives, and other deadly weapons at city parks, recreation centers, and playgrounds.

City Council President Darrell Clarke said Wednesday he plans to introduce such a bill when the body reconvenes in September. Violators would be fined up to $2,000 dollars, face up 90 days in prison, or both.

Comment by:PHORTO(7/25/2019)
Question: Were the two guns used in the park incidents legally carried by non-prohibited persons under the state's permit laws?

The answer, obviously, is no.

So, then... how will banning peaceable citizens from lawfully carrying firearms in parks and rec areas make anyone "safer"?

Any of these clowns asked those questions will change the subject and spew a litany of 'reasonable-sounding' gun-grabber talking points.

And Philadelphia's dimwit majority-Democrat voting public will nod their heads vacuously.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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