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Yes, but don't forget that the term "stupid" is now considered a compliment by young people and wannabee young people.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/10/2019, 11:19:28

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Those who are consumed by pop-culture do not have the slightest concern about whether or not something they say, do or believe is stupid.

Every single day I observe first-hand evidence of this while patrolling/interacting with my community and observe anecdotal evidence of this in published reports about the rest of the nation.

Our culture has become so detached from any time when departure from reality brought immediate, severe negative consequences, it has become fashionable to reject the Apollonian in favor of the deviate, sociopathic and/or chthonic.

My own impression is that most leftists (similar to most anti-Viet Nam War protesters) don't actually believe or understand anything that they claim to in most regards. They say and do the things they do for psychological or strategic reasons which are often completely divorced from anything remotely rational or moral. Getting laid is likely the biggest for males and getting back at mommy/daddy the biggest for leftist females.

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