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I know there is elation about the arrest of Epstein, but I'm thinking maybe, some are making too much of it. From what I read, it's the Southern District of NY, which is uber liberal.
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Posted by: Dee W.

07/08/2019, 08:30:59

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I've read it is for his actions between 2002 and 2005, and that it is being handled by by the Public Integrity Unit or whatever they call it, indicating they are going after politicians and public figures. So far, it's not being handled by the sex crimes unit. That may change today.

After reading a number of articles in the Miami Herald, I am guessing the are going after Alex Acosta, Trump's Labor Secry. in order to make Trump look bad. Acosta was the guy who worked out the light deal. Of course, he could not have done it without Mueller and perhaps even under the orders of Mueller.

Additionally, of all people, Debbie Blabbermouth, Schultz is screaming about the light sentence. That tells me it may be fixed.

I just learned Comey's daughter is one of the prosecutors in the SDNY, which causes me to believe it's not going to be anything more than an attack on Trump. I hope I am wrong and this man gets his butt whipped, but from what I've seen, unless there are entirely new charges, this doesn't look like it's going to resolve that pervert and other politicians and big businessmen's abuse of children.

Any of you guys think otherwise or have other opinions?

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