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The self-disabling left...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

07/07/2019, 14:02:08

Author Profile Mail author Edit once again revealed in how the whole "politics in everything" that the leftists prefer, puts the just-victorious USA women's soccer team in a quagmire.

A little recent history see - one or more of the team succumbed to the cacogenic fashion of politicizing everything, made a BIG DEAL out of expressing contempt for the President of the United States - refusing to go to accept congratulations at the Whitehouse.

That made the anti-Trumpsters on the team into instant darlings but no sooner - OH NO!! They have the audacity to WIN the WORLD CUP - that is sort of the ONLY thing some foreign nations and their expats are proud of - pro-soccer!! 'Jus' TOOK IT AWAY FROM THEM AND BROKE THEIR HEARTS!!!

Now, the team is a symbol of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, which will send the psychotic leftists into an after-burner-driven howling, power-dive into a volcano of self-flagellation.
WE were MEAN to win the Cup!! Don't we have ENOUGH WORLD CUPS !?!

The view of meritocracy as a BAD thing (cuckoo clock sounds).

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