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Many more examples of how for leftists, what they feel strongly SHOULD be true, actually IS true.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/07/2019, 08:34:02

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Cacogens are by nature; 

"...devoid of intelligence. They do not know what is properly to be done and not done". - Baghavad Gita 

What outrages normal people (including conservatives) is lying. What outrages cacogenic leftists is the refusal of normal people to say that they believe things leftists desperately WISH to be true, which are obviously, grotesquely, utterly fake. 

Leftist outrage actually increases when people STAND UP FOR REALITY AND THE TRUTH strongly. It is people who maintain MORAL STRENGTH which offend leftists the most.

Just like as it is people who stand up for truth which enrages Satan. 

Standing in opposition to the truth is Satanic. 

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