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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

07/06/2019, 20:55:20

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Neutering Electoral College means more vote fraud - WND

4-4 minutes

Think California voter fraud is no big deal? After all, most of us don’t reside there. And it’s already a deep blue state. It’s not as if voter fraud in the Golden State could possibly affect other states – right?

NBC News – yes, NBC News — reported: “Widespread Voting Fraud Scheme Targets Los Angeles’ Homeless – Prosecutors have accused the group of 14 felonies for a variety of alleged acts during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles.”

I was stunned when I saw that leftist NBC actually broke this story, considering it was one of many mainstream media outlets that has insisted for years that there was no fraud being perpetrated by the Democrats.

“An indictment unsealed in Los Angeles charged nine people accused of participating in voting fraud schemes – in which homeless people were allegedly offered cash or cigarettes in exchange for forged signatures on initiative petitions and voter registration forms,” wrote NBC.

Evidently, “officers from the LAPD’s Central Division arrested several people who appeared to be offering cash to homeless people along Skid Row.”

Skid Row has over 2,500 homeless, just in the 0.4 square mile area. The City of Los Angeles has over 36,000, and L.A. County has almost 60,000 homeless. This eclipses the populations of most American cities.

And if this is being done in Los Angeles, you can bet it’s going on nationwide in every major city. Maybe enough to affect the national popular vote total in a presidential election?

And how, you may ask? Well, due to one thing; its called the “National Popular Vote” initiative.

It’s a Democratic plan to put a permanent lock on the presidency, one state at a time, and it’s stealthily treacherous, yet perfectly legal. And unfortunately, it’s had more than just mild success.

Simply put, it is an ingeniously evil way to usurp the purpose of the Electoral College, by mandating that states that enact the National Popular Vote law agree to pledge all their electoral votes to the winner of the nationwide presidential popular vote.

Presently, all but two states pledge their electoral votes to the winner of the state popular vote only. They do not take into account the national, or cumulative, total.

If the drive to turn enough states, totaling 270 electoral votes, to the side of a national cumulative vote total is successful, our nation will never elect another conservative or even Republican president.

And unfortunately for us, we are fighting a losing battle, thus far. A total of 16 states/jurisdictions have already signed the National Popular Vote initiative into law. That gives the enemies of the republic 196 electoral votes. They need only 74 more electoral votes in order to seal OUR fate.

After they’ve completed that task and achieved the necessary electoral majority, then it’s Katy bar the door. The left will literally stop at nothing to assure that their presidential candidate wins the national popular vote.

The instances of fraud that have been reported around the country during past elections will look like child’s play compared to what the left will attempt. They will leave nothing to chance after expending the energy to achieve electoral majority.

Voter fraud will become rampant.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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