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The Coming Civil War -- Tom Kawczynski (includes an offer)
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Posted by: Russ Walden ģ

07/04/2019, 12:11:49

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I am currently reading this disquieting book, and find little with which I might disagree.† I encourage others to read it, and at the bottom is an offer of further encouragement.


The Coming Civil War

War is coming. The first skirmishes are already being fought.

The crisis America faces is between two incompatible visions of the future, and a nation sharply divided between them.

Will we become this diverse beacon of tolerance where we forget our past and embrace socialism and political correctness? Or, will we stand for our traditional beliefs, values, liberty, and sovereign government as free citizens our Founders did?

Between these two paths, it becomes clearer each day no happy compromise exists to be reached, and as the
arguments become more heated and the fights spill into the street, this
battle to define America for generations to come is just beginning.

To understand the reasons for the fight, the players shaping this
conflict, the groups who will be on each side, and what this potentially means for your family and our nation, this brutally candid account
offers a vital glimpse toward dark days ahead.


A Forum Freebie:

As an inducement to read this eye-opening and disturbing book, the Forum will purchase a Kindle copy for any member who will agree to at least partially read it and post a few comments here in the forum.† I find it compelling and will finish it.† YMMV.† Posting comments as you proceed is encouraged.

To accept the offer, simply post your acceptance as a reply to this post, including your email address.† If you already have an Amazon account, please include the email address associated with the account.† If not, you can create one when you download the book and the Kindle reading app.† (I think you need an Amazon account to get the app, but not sure.† It's free, anyway.)

Take care,

Russ Walden

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