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Ric Edelman: "...49% of the U.S. population is insane."
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/01/2019, 00:55:37

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Edelman, who has his own financial radio show said that the only explanation for people being so detached from reality that 49% polled say they believe the economy is bad and furthermore that a new recession has already started, is that they are demonstrating an "n-over one heuristic". 

IOW, "...anyone who believes that is only consulting with themselves, not using objective indicators".

Every legitimate economic advisory organization doing business in the U.S. recently were 100% unanimous that the U.S. economy is strong with nearly iron-clad signs of sustained growth for at least another year. 

The U.S. economy grew by four percent in only the first four months of 2019. 

Edelman did not try to disguise his contempt for any so-called "economist" who said any different. 

Robert Reich should maybe get a booster seat and watch Edelman preach the gospel. Reaich, who famously predicted that the election of Trump as president would drive the economy into "immediate, sustained recession", is STILL trying to convince everyone that the economy is terrible. heh 

Wow. Any fear I had that the 'Crats would reign-in their crazy element may be put to rest. 

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