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The face of Democrat party...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/29/2019, 20:08:34

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I'm saying that this person is not the exception but rather the rule when it comes to leftist activists.

See, to be a committed, true-believer leftist one must be an anti-conservative fanatic of the first order.

To rationalize all of the necessary things to be a loyal leftist one must be severely detached from reality most of the time. This proclivity (eternally reinforced by their obsession with convincing others in order to re-convince themselves) to be un-tethered from reality leaves them vulnerable to OTHER delusions and fantasies.

Many leftists feel that if something SHOULD be true (it somehow snuggly fits their personal preconceptions) they may behave as if they ARE true. So infinite is the sense of entitlement leftists enjoy, that they even allow themselves to engage in "magical thinking" (a common disorder mostly confined to toddler, disturbed adolescents, criminals and psychiatric patients) - to with - the magnitude of one's personal belief in something makes it real (rolls eyes).

Like a person high on LSD (or the mushroom-intoxicated character "Linda" in the movie "Wanderlust") believing if only they have enough FAITH, they will actually be able to fly (like Brujo Don Juan Matus from the Carlos Casteneda books).

Another is how a small child will sometimes have such a vivid dream about something that they choose to believe that the dream was actually reality. They dream of an elephant walking across the backyard then insist to their parents that an elephant really DID walk across the back yard (and nothing they are told will dissuade them from their faith in their own reality).

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