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Never looking weaker, Pelosi caves to pressure from own party/GOP to pass Border Crisis Funding
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/27/2019, 19:50:38

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We got to see the 'Crats panic this week when their karma ran over their dogma. The price of continuing to deny the obvious reality of a border crisis after SWEARING FOR MONTHS THAT IT DID NOT EXIST, got to be too high for them to pay. 

All of that strident, divisive nonsense they have been spewing so recklessly has apparently vanished magically!! Wow. (rolls eyes)

There is only so much cognitive dissonance that the voting public will stand for before the needle starts to swing to the left. 

We have seen how fear of losing the upcoming election by swinging too far left (or too far out into the Orbit of Luna) has motivated many 'Crat's to break ranks - to push back against the radical revolutionary socialists who are well on the way to doing to the establishment what the establishment did to them in 2016 - marginalize and snuff it out. 

Truth be told I'd be willing to bet that the internal polling for the 'Crats is MUCH worse than they will admit publicly,

The debates are showing signs of becoming like the movie King of Hearts where the inhabitants of an insane asylum take over a town and proceed to "govern". The parallels are striking. heh 


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