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The best tradition of the American Way! Only in Europe is it considered bad manners to tell the truth.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/27/2019, 10:01:00

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One of the reasons Americans have been liked the world over is that we have had the reputation for being straight-shooters (much like the more civilized Dutch) unlike duplicitous, mealy-mouthed, prevaricating, two-faced Brits, Frogs, Belgians (PTUI!), Marxist Spaniards, Communist Italians, bloated, deranged leftist Germans or barbaric Eastern Europeans.

Most normal people have no problem hearing offensive things if they are true. Even the ever-decorum-conscious Japanese permit "cutting through" the BS when there are overriding moral concerns such as honesty.

Only cacogens hide behind supposed "refined manners" in order to avoid accountability - as if calling someone a wild pig is a worse thing than actually being a wild pig.

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