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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/27/2019, 09:45:21

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..what these socialist media companies do is establish "rules" and "restrictions" on some things, then ONLY ENFORCE THEM AGAINST THEIR ENEMIES. They deny doing this but REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO OBJECTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDS being applied.

Selective enforcement is among the most prevalent practices in the world of government or business. So much levity exists in making "judgment calls" for such things as "speech" that the leftists take refuge in vagaries, knowing that both the courts and political sector are reluctantly slow to place limits on successful businesses in new markets.

The weaponization of both government and multi-national media companies presents both challenges of the mundane, administrative sort (settled by legal action) and the dramatic sort (openly conspiring against and assisting in an attempted coup against a sitting president).

In some ways our world of weaponized mass media has become much like that faced by James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies. Some lies when amplified by wicked men become horribly, lethally dangerous to innocent people.

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