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ah yes, the ritual leftist Pilate-esque washing-of-the-hands, and "saving-of-the-face"
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/27/2019, 09:28:34

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Leftists being expert rationalists who can (and do) talk themselves into believing virtually ANYTHING no matter how outlandishly, grotesquely INSANE it may be, easily absolve themselves of blame when people die because of their corruption/neglect. 

Feeling nothing for the suffering of "underlings" is, along with their incompetent, dishonorable, incorrigible natures, one of leftist's central features - utter and total callousness regarding any who suffer great stress, loss, injury or even  death because of their incompetence/neglect. 

Hill-O-Lies's defiant indifference to the deaths of Ambassador Christopher and three other U.S. citizens in Benghazi is another great example of the monstrous inhumanity of leftists.

Leftists wander detached, aloof, divorced from Humanity most of their lives - regarding the "commoners" as they walk among us much like Nosferatu - observing the way a cattle ranchers observes the herd. 

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