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What the heck ever happened to these fools...? Where the Hades is Hill-O-Lies in this campaign?
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/27/2019, 08:43:57

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Of all the people I'd thought would be candidates in 2020 from the 'Crats, I'd have thunk it would have been:

The vile drunken/coked-up pollack Tim Caine? Or up-and-comer (government as a criminal enterprise-operator) Gov. Terry McCauliff former Emperor of (socialist) New Virginia? 'Crats not popular enough to launch runs for POTUS??? 

Or only moderately-insane Bloomberg - ah!! Never mind, he's the guy who always comes in at the eleventh hour and offers to save the day...then never actually runs. Of course. Hill-O-Lies and he will be competing for that slot come convention time.

I note with amusement that the 'Crats claim that they got rid of the "super-delegates" that caused so much ruckus with Sander's supporters ('little matter of destroying his candidacy, that's all). What is more humorous is that some people actually BELIEVE them. heh 

None of the Clintonistas are to be seen !?! Is there trouble in the ranks of the rank? 

Clinton allies/cohorts are persona-non-grata in this campaign due to the stench of scandal, sexual abuse, criminality, corruption and most unforgivable of all (to Alinskyite/Machiavellian 'Crats) FAILURE!! 

- Rahm Emanuel (aka Field Marshal Emanuel) - who turned Chicago around by making tough choices and being a true leader HAW!!! GOT you!!! 

Emauel left with his jaws slavering fecklessly watching like a spectator while the senior law enforcement officials he appointed shut down an iron-clad conviction criminal case against Smolette. The blatantly-Communist, three-kinds-of-crazy mayoral candidate El Eme did not endorse won and proceeded in the same way the Party demanded - further pushing Chicago into socialist Third-World status.

The only remarkable thing about Chicago since the Cubs won the series, is that the leftist mass media has been able to help them conceal the degree to which that city (as so many others in the vise-like political-strangle-hold of leftists), has steadily declined into "worthless shit-hole" status. As bad as Chicago appears from outside, those who actually live there will tell you that it's infinitely WORSE up close and personal ( Dee, you listening, dear?).

Hell, not even Oprah Winfrey (who recently donated $50 million to distribute Weight Watchers products to the world) felt safe there, and moved her long-standing operations outside the city. 

As bad as all that appears to us, since we're dealing with a monolithic leftist mass media that will cover for any ally (the Mighty Eightball Obama's "home town" cannot be declared "third world") we know it's much worse.

Chicago is a town where the weather report includes "Bullets Per-Cubic-Inch of Air" and it's not uncommon for there to be more shootings/murders there over a weekend than in Caracas, Venezuela plus Baghdad, Iraq plus Juarez, Mexico combined. But it's still worse than that. Bet on it. 

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