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"I would rather die on my knees, blubbering for mercy while my loved ones were tortured to death than to ever use a weapon in self-defense". Daniel Bedford
Re: ďI donít believe in guns at all whatsoever, ever. So I donít even care if itís a right in my opinion,Ē said resident, Daniel Bedford. - Democrat voter. Proggy thrall. Marxist useful idiot. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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06/26/2019, 16:49:04

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I have noticed the tendency for leftists/hoplophobes to brag about things which most normal people would be ashamed to admit.

Is there any better invitation to predators to attack you than to make statements like that of the cowardly, emasculated Bedford? No.

More evidence that leftists / hoplophobes are not very smart. In fact, many leftists who probably possess average or above intellect are so impaired psychologically that they are in an operative sense as impaired as people who are of severely sub-normal intellect.†

See, being unable to grasp, discuss and react normally to reality due to psychological dysfunction is as debilitating to behavior as any organic brain defect.†

This is similar to the concept that the hardware in a perfectly normal, functional, fast computer may fail catastrophically due software defect/malfunction.

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