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It's "Socialist Media," just so we're clear.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/26/2019, 16:17:05

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All of the high-tech so-called "social media" companies are clearly hard leftists. They seek to escape any sort of regulation, wanting to have all of the power of monopolies but none of the government oversight to ensure that they serve the public interest.

Clearly we have finally seen the limits of permissible behavior from these licentious leftist political operatives.

There are some parallels to how conservatives dominate talk-radio, but there are substantive differences which make regulation not only inevitable but absolutely necessary.

See, radio was an established market, but social media is a new form of media market. Radio is not primarily interactive nor are there any illusions with users about the function (commentary).

When a media company professes objective standards for its operations but does not deliver them, it brings up issues of ethics and responsibility to serve the public interest which are inherent in the licensing of airwaves (broadband).

If for instance telephone companies suddenly decided they were going to reduce, censor or eliminate services based on "customer behavior" which does not have anything to do with criminal prohibitions, users (and government regulators) would come down on them with both feet.

So it's time to put some feet down with the massive and growing power of new media - since the power they have to affect elections and other aspects of society adversely is already book.

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