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His race is about the tenth thing on my list that I don't like about him.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/26/2019, 07:41:59

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The grinning self-assurance of Satanists, the utter smug satisfaction of being a sadist reveling in the suffering of human beings they have never met and do not know - wallowing obscenely in psychotic hatred but calling it "wokeness".

Much like the reanimation of "the severed Head," in Lewis's Space Trilogy - awakened from death to be not alive, but Undead - a mouth of the Hydra of Hell.

See, the very DEFINITION of "hate," is, "...the desire to witness or cause loss, injury or destruction to someone..."

Deriving satisfaction from the suffering of innocent people (of course to Marxists, all capitalists are evil) is purely a Satanic thing. If the principle does not deviate from the path he has chosen, Satan will consume him.

Sadistic, psychotic hatred for people who are just minding their own business, is a fast-track into Satan's Belly where one's only option is to be digested.

It is vermin like this nigger who are like their redneck counterparts, a plague on this nation and this world.

I hope that he turns aside from evil but if not, that he dies immediately before he can do any more damage as a servant of Little Horn.

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