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and so the far left, being deviates, take warnings and nightmare scenarios as templates for action.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/26/2019, 07:32:00

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Leftists are now almost wholly defined by their utter consumption by the cacogenic elements of culture/society.

What any normal society represses (destructive forces/elements), they seek to elevate.

Understanding this yields perfect understanding of how leftists behave. They have a fully functional, normal perception of morality - the difference is how they react to normality - with revulsion, rejection and the insatiable desire to corrupt, defile, abuse, damage and destroy it.

This is identical to the theological position of Satan - being wholly conscious of good, but wholly rejecting it.

It's difficult for normal people to understand deviance on this scale. Most normal people don't easily believe that someone may have a normal ability to detect good/normality, but to then consciously reject it. So it's not easy for normal people to believe that leftists could possibly be so psychologically f'd up to know what is good, but still reject it.

Leftists are identical to sex criminals in that regard as well. Child abusers frequently exploit the general reality that most people don't think in the ways they do.

Leftists pat themselves on the backs for being "smart" and "innovative" when they are in reality merely being self-serving, pernicious, exploitative, cowardly and deviate in how they take advantage of how normal people don't easily believe anyone could be as horribly destructive as they are, and remain without guilt.

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