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The cacogenic (leftist) definition of "hate speech" is, "anything we the Ruling Class, hate hearing spoken. No joke."
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/26/2019, 07:21:35

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What I like to call the Fundamentalist Anti-Conservative Fanatics no longer even bother to try to conceal their desire to have a one-party political system (leftist).

We have arrived in the Age of Insanity, where mental illness is so rampant and widely pervasive in society that it has become an actual political constituency that is being tapped (by leftists).

Leftism has gradually been forced onto society by clever means (the "Slow Bullet" method) so that Satanists are opening government meetings with prayers to the Evil One, children are being shepherded into the arms of Baphomet, tolerance of evil is being replaced with PREFERENCE for evil.

Largely and increasingly leftists are totally insane and horribly, lethally dangerous, both to themselves and everyone else.

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