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All done by 'Crats with the excitement of true deviates.
Re: “Folks, I want to apologize for the graphic nature of this column, but it’s important for you to understand the vile filth that these librarians spewed into the minds of the children.” -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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06/26/2019, 07:11:14

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It's clear that 'Crats are excited by the fact that they are OFFENDING NORMAL PEOPLE. 

This is an identical reaction seen in sexual deviates (flashers, exhibitionists) who expose themselves to children. The only difference is that we do not have any direct evidence that they perpetrators are actually getting off sexually in the process (though it would not be the least bit surprising). 

This is what happens when we allow 'Crats to elevate people who would rightly be put in jail to positions of authority.

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