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“Folks, I want to apologize for the graphic nature of this column, but it’s important for you to understand the vile filth that these librarians spewed into the minds of the children.”
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06/25/2019, 18:29:52

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Library caught in sex-toy controversy ejects parents! - WND

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Libraries across the nation are becoming notorious for their “drag queen” story times, where men who dress up as women read LGBT-themed stories to children.

But a library in Washington state decided to go much further, holding a “pride celebration designed by teens for teens” that offered “free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels, Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag!”

Some parents found out, however, and showed up and started asking questions.

The library reacted by calling police to remove the parents.

Todd Starnes interviewed some of the parents on his radio program to find out what the Renton, Washington, library was up to.

He found that the library managers would rather call police and have parents removed from the public property than answer their questions about the sex toys being handed out to tweens and teens.

The library, which passed out free condoms and lubricant, held a raffle for “chest binders,” which are used by girls who believe they are boys to bind their breasts.

“A number of concerned citizens showed up at the King’s County library wondering what in the name of Dewey Decimal was going on,” he explained. “But when the parents started asking questions, librarians called the police and the concerned citizens were physically removed from the property.”

Starnes spoke with parent Lynn Meagher, who said the “entire event was about sex.”

“The vendor tables were covered with condoms, lube, bookmarks shaped like an erect penis and all sorts of other sexual information,” she said.

Starnes wrote: “Folks, I want to apologize for the graphic nature of this column, but it’s important for you to understand the vile filth that these librarians spewed into the minds of the children.”

He noted that Planned Parenthood was one of the exhibitors, features a presentation in which children reading about putting on condoms.

Meagher told Starnes, “The kids were told, for example, that if they were sharing a sex toy with their partner, they should apply a fresh condom each time the toy was passed back and forth.”

Starnes said then the librarians announced the building was being closed and all adults would need to leave.

“We were concerned about what was going on after all the things we had just witnessed and refused to leave,” Meagher told Starnes. “The police were called and we were physically removed from the library.”

Outside, she said, four men confronted the departing parents, threatening, filming and blowing whistles.

“We had to call 911 in order to get to our cars safely,” she said.

Starnes said “taxpayers should be absolutely concerned about what is going on between the stacks behind closed doors.”

The library boasted of its activities during “LGBTA+ Pride Month,” inviting taxpayers to “participate in activities and educational programs” during that time.

“Nothing says Pride like a good party! For celebrations designed by teens and for teens, be sure to peep (at) the Lost in Wonderland Dance for LGBTQ+ Teens and Teen Pride events happening this month,” its promotion said.

“Drag queen” events are popping up all over, although one was canceled in Ohio when the speaker of the state House of Representatives called out the “stunningly bizarre” idea.

It was the public library in Licking County that dropped the event after House Speaker Larry Householder, a Republican, wrote the Ohio Library Council about it. Aimed at teenagers, it featured “a tutorial on applying makeup for dressing drag and a guide to safe sex.”

But other events already have taken place in Beloit, Wisconsin; Long Beach,  California; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Houston.

In Houston, a library hired convicted child-sex offender to read books to children.


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