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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/25/2019, 18:25:01

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Journalist: 'Seeing poor white people makes me happy' - WND

3-4 minutes

Nicholas Powers, associate professor of English literature at SUNY Old Westbury in New York (

A journalist and college professor who is black is raising eyebrows after posting an article online titled, “Seeing poor white people makes me happy.”

His report in RaceBaitr featured a photograph of a white man, apparently homeless and destitute, resting near a building on a city street.

A screenshot of Nicholas Powers’ article posted June 11, 2019

“Should I kick him in the face? Hard? No, chill, he’s not worth it. But why is this white boy begging for money in a Black neighborhood? Is he stupid?” wrote Nicholas Powers, who teaches of English literature at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Old Westbury, billing himself as a “Journalist. Poet. Professor. Trifecta.”

“The homeless white boy flaps down like a dirty migratory bird, makes himself a nest from garbage and sleeps on the sidewalk,” Powers continued.

A sign on his shopping cart asks for money — I never give. I should tho ‘cause he makes me feel good.

White people begging us for food feels like justice. It feels like Afro-Futurism after America falls. It feels like a Black Nationalist wet dream. It has the feels I rarely feel, a hunger for historical vengeance satisfied so well I rub my belly.

I know it’s not a good look. At least I think I know? I have the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. in my head like a life coach exhorting me to “be my best self,” “show compassion to those who spite you,” “turn the other cheek” and “don’t give our enemies more reasons to hate us.” I need to kick Martin Luther King Jr. out of my head. Go f*** another secretary Martin! I need to ask what this white homeless boy means to me.

His piece also noted: “When a white person begs, maybe a white woman breastfeeding or a young white boy whining like a broken flute, I feel better. Good. It’s not just us. I feel happy. I feel like the scales of justice could shift.”

Powers says his writings have been appeared in the Huffington Post, Truth Out, Raw Story and The Indypendent. His personal blog has many of his writings online.

His university webpage notes his interests include Marxism, Feminist Theory, Surrealism and African American Aesthetics.

When attempting to see his Facebook page, a message states: “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicholas Powers can be" style="color: rgb(0, 149, 221); text-decoration-line: none; font-weight: normal;">contacted here.

Officials at SUNY Old Westbury can be" style="color: rgb(0, 149, 221); text-decoration-line: none; font-weight: normal;">contacted here or by phoning (516) 876-3000.


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