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It's different now. The Dems have worked out quite a plan. They are using the template of Adrian Fontes' success in Maricopa County. It involved
Re: The left has learned absolutely nothing from the polling debacle of 2016 IOW FAKE POLLING SEASON IS OPEN!!! -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W. ®

06/23/2019, 14:10:21

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registering illegals, suppressing Republican voters, and giving them the ability to "count the vote." Never has there been a 65% voter turnout in an off year election.

Fontes the attorney for "Fast & Furious" criminals is our Recorder. I watched him steal this election. It was so easy. Fontes set up voting booths in Hispanic areas, registered thousands to vote and promised they needed no ID. 

 He then, made certain there were no vote counting machines working in Republican areas which created long lines and forced Republicans to fill out provisional ballots by hand. All while sitting at a long table of six per table with no dividers. Many walked out. Voters were forced to fold their ballots and put them into a "box." to be taken downtown. 

One of the most Republican precincts never even opened. Hundreds of people were denied the right to vote.

There was so much fraud and if you think they aren't using him as a template, think again. He has been meeting with Dem bigwigs... 

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