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The home-invader "Deshawn Hall" looks like a demon.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

06/20/2019, 11:48:40

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I'm beginning to notice more and more openly Satanic appearance/behavior of lowlifes. Like the world is gradually morphing into becoming a CS Lewis novel.

It is inevitable that society becomes more-openly wicked when evil is portrayed as merely another "lifestyle choice," equally-valid as goodness, by the leftist mass media.

Largely and increasingly Hollywood portrays evil as strong and good as weak. This goes beyond the old-classic themes of the passive goody-goods vs. the wise/wiley bad guys.

Leftists are personally and enmasse, horribly, lethally confused about their own morality. Many of them have a new moral code every day of their life - because their character is so sleazy.

It is gratifying to note that he got the kidnapping charge and the special circumstance charge for brutalizing the boy. The moron was likely very surprised to learn he had committed kidnapping or that there are enhancements to the charges when assaulting children.

I would be willing to bet that there is not a lot that DOESN'T surprise a single-digit I.Q. Club member like that worthless, cacogenic Satanist.

One may be a Satanist and not know it. Someone once suggested to me that most Satanists fall into that category. They behave in every way like Satanists except mentioning/openly worshiping Satan by name.

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