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I'm skeptical (no source), but here it is anyway:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

06/12/2019, 14:17:07

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William Barr just agreed to do the unthinkable | Renewed Right

2-3 minutes

The Democrats and Attorney General William Barr were locked in a major test of wills.

Some leading Democrats even demanded Barr be thrown in jail.

But on the eve of their biggest battle, William Barr agreed to do the unthinkable.

Democrats were scheduled to hold a contempt vote against Attorney General Barr because Barr refused to violate the law and turn over secret grand jury material to Congress.

This led to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler teeing up a civil contempt vote against the Attorney General.

However, hours before the vote, Barr and the Judiciary Committee struck a deal to provide unredacted material from the obstruction of justice section of the Mueller Report to the committee.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler reached a deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Monday, one day before the House is set to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with their subpoenas in regards to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Nadler released the news just two hours before the hearings were set to start, saying the committee would “hold the criminal contempt process in abeyance for now” due to the cooperation from the DOJ. The entire House was expected to vote Tuesday on a resolution that would hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with the subpoena, which will reportedly still take place despite Nadler’s statement.

“I am pleased to announce that the Department of Justice has agreed to begin complying with our committee’s subpoena by opening Robert Mueller’s most important files to us, providing us with key evidence that the Special Counsel used to assess” obstruction, he said in a statement released Monday.

The specifics of this deal are still vague.

By demanding the underlying evidence of the obstruction probe, Democrats have signaled once and for all that the collusion aspect of Mueller’s investigation is a dead end.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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