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“Do not become us. Do not let yourselves fall as the U.K. has fallen,” she said. - We're tryin' Katie, but defeating Satan ain't easy.
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06/10/2019, 15:32:38

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'British Ann Coulter' to speak in U.S. - WND

3-3 minutes

See Katie Hopkins’ presentation at CPAC 2018:

[Video deleted by YouTube, for the obvious reasons - need I explain?]

Katie Hopkins, the British media personality whose unabashed defense of European civilization makes her a constant target of scorn, is scheduled to speak in central Connecticut on June 19.

A documentary filmmaker, author and columnist, she warned at a forum last year at CPAC that American is in danger of becoming like Western Europe.

“Do not become us. Do not let yourselves fall as the U.K. has fallen,” she said.

Katie Hopkins (Wikimedia Commons)

There is no cost to attend the event, but registration is required. Due to security concerns, the venue, near Hartford, will be disclosed on June 18 or the morning of June 19 to those who register.

It will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19.

Seats can be reserved by writing to or by phoning (475) 331-2650 [voice only – no texts].

Registrants are asked to provide the full names of each guest planning to attend and a telephone number or email address.

In her CPAC presentation, Hopkins emphasized that her contention that “the U.K. has fallen” is made “with every respect for my country.”

“I love my country. I joined the army, went through Sandhurst, wanted to fight for my country and now do it by other means,” she said.

“I love the place I came from. The problem is that many of us no longer recognize it anymore.”

‘Crisis without equivalent’ since WWII

The subject of the Connecticut event will be “Border Crisis” and the immediate threats the mass immigration of people who refuse to assimilate pose to families as well as the existential threat to Western nations.

Frontex, the European Union border management agency, recently produced a report concluding the current immigration policies ultimately will destroy EU values, reported.

The border agency said the crisis “is without equivalent in Europe since the Second World War.”

Frontex revealed a 70 percent rise in the number of migrants using fraudulent documents to try to get into Britain. It also warned that Islamic jihadis are taking advantage of mass migration to enter the EU.

Frontex said the “high numbers of economic migrants – mostly with low educational qualifications and with a different cultural background – are not truly integrated into European societies.”


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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