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No, and we are a generation away from even turning the corner. (Caution: Thread drift.)
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

06/08/2019, 18:05:55

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Tee --

They are teaching that shit from pre-school to doctorate programs, and treating it like a religion -- except they don't believe in religion.

I very carefully monitor Kali's (granddaughter) school programs, and have given her a short list of "trigger words" to be sure to report to me.  In one of her classes, some kid mentioned "global warming" (or similar).  Kali spoke up and said, "I can recommend a good book by Paul Ehrlich.  It's called "The Coming Ice Age."  Teacher asked where (the hell) she heard about that.  She told him.  He said, "I think I like your grandfather."

Her American History teacher really likes me -- and we don't even know each other.  (I like him, too.)  He teaches our history straight up -- the way it should be.  In a whole year of his class, there was not one jarring note.  I'm gonna miss him next year.  That's Ok, he's gonna miss her, too.  I think she became his "pet," or, at least, his favorite student.  She was his "go to" student when he wanted elaboration on some topic.  I think that happened when she made some reference to The Federalist Papers, then later explained that we talk about that stuff at dinner.  He was suitably amazed.  I'm gonna manage to meet him next year, even though she won't have him for any classes.

It's a really good school.  It is rated as one of the top public high schools in Georgia.  This is a very conservative county, and we live in the far north end of it -- it gets more conservative as you go north.  Of her six courses, she had 4 A's, a B+ and a B -- and I already told you how much "catch up" she had to do from missing almost the whole 10th grade in San Diego.  (Proud?  Who, me??)

She will be a senior next year, and we're already having college conversations -- specifically to avoid any school that specializes in the care and feeding of snowflakes.  Quite a challenge for a guy my age.  Lucy has to remind me that she's only seventeen, so there is a surprise lurking out there somewhere.

Anyhow, it's fun. 

Take care,


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